Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Global Trade - Economic Development Strategy

The Peoria Region is a dynamic and diverse international business-friendly community located in central Illinois. Our region is a leader in global economic development. The following is our plan to promote global trade opportunities:
Our goals:
Increase global trade
Expand and diversify exports
Attract international investment and trade
Reduce red tape that inhibits foreign investment

Towards these ends, the region will:

Promote international trade
Market international trade resources
Advance the region for international business
Support economic development programs
Supply access to global compliance & service providers
Publish web pages in foreign languages
Encourage international students to come and stay
Enhance cultural exchange
Improve language and training skills

Special focus areas include:

Increase awareness of international trade
Market the region for international business
Attract businesses to Peoria
Expand knowledge of the Foreign Trade Zone
Promote global trade via the Port Authority
Conduct seminars on international trade
Promote international visits and tourism
Lower red tape for foreign investment
Support international service at the Peoria Airport
Enhance and market area as a global health center
Support & expand the Sister City program


Craig Hullinger City of Peoria, Economic Development Department 309 494 8638
Shari Stout International Trade Specialist, U.S. Dept of Commerce 309 671 7815
Gregory Miller CPA Director, Audit Services, McGladrey & Pullen 309 671 8700
Ronald Rainson President, Rainson Associates, LLC 309 696 0797

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